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Rain, Rain Go Away!!

Posted on: ಜುಲೈ 15, 2009

Its raining! Our chief minsiters devout prayers have been answered and how! Tunga is brimming above the danger mark – and each time we cross the ramshackle, so-called – new bridge, we hold our breaths – the streets are all mushy and full of dirt and what-not and the administration is WONDERING, believe me, its true, whether to announce holidays to schools. Given the fact that most of our government school buildings (private school buildings are no exception!) are on the verge of collapse and given that the rains have been particularly vicious this time over, (thanks to our chief ministers prayers?) one would think that the administration would not really have to think too much over the matter. But then bureaucrats have a wierd sense of humour. Last week, holidays were announced for three days, which incidentally included a Second Saturday and a Sunday. And the announcement was made at around 11 pm on Thursday night!! Not surprisingly tiny kids with their truck-load of books trudged to school on Friday morning, were told to go back home and trudged right back again! One hopes that the chief minister would once again pick up his hotline, call the rain gods and seek an end to the deluge! There is this famous saying in Kannada, which my grand mother often told me – Hittala Gida Maddalla – which roughly means that we always tend to underestimate our own. Apt in this situation, wouldnt you say?


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