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Michael Jackson

Posted on: ಜೂನ್ 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Gone! Incredible, somehow. It was his songs and his popularity which pushed me into taking a peek at the world of pop music when I was a teen. I had just passed my Carnatic Junior Vocal exam and my very orthodox music teacher had warned me against even attempting to sing film (read non-classical) songs. And so my prejudices against Western pop music were just that much bigger. When my friend invited me to her home and then played the Thriller video for me, I had felt not just guilt but a sense of utter panic, (which I had then attributed to the video itself). But Thriller had caught on and soon I was reading up small tit bits about Jackson in newspapers and tabloids.. (Remember Blitz and those imported old edition Sun!!!) I grew out of the Michael Jackson mania soon enough and finally discovered the wonderful world of American Country Music, but it is to Jackson I owe my initiation into the world of Western popular music. When my younger brother had gone bonkers over Jacksons Black or White and BAD, I had remained the mature, eyebrow lifting elder sis, who knew better and therefore had better taste!! Last year, my daughter discovered Jackson and was fascinated with his dance moves, his Billy Jean and Beat It. She would not just try his moves and mouth his songs but was bent on educating me about what a wonderful artist he was. In her words, I was a boring mom who only liked slow sleepy songs and I should actually take an interest in modern (sic) fast songs like that of MJ!!!! I think this does speak volumes about his popularity and reach… across the world, across the barriers of language, colour or age! Truly an ICON.


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