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students or ‘stew’dents?

Posted on: ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 22, 2009

During the last couple of weeks, we, i mean to say, all those in the education department have had a first hand experience on what it is to work under an authoritarian government. The anti terrorism (sic!) jatha sponsored by the government did that quite well and adequately.

Meanwhile, something else happened in my college which i felt was far more sinister. Leaders from among students who emerged after the rally decided that they were insulted by a professor in the college. The reason: the final years were welcoming the first years and the said professor asked them to wind it up since it was later than usual. Students, male of course, and leaders, of course, found this insulting!! How dare a professor order them away from a college, their college in fact, when first years, a majority of them girls were watching how macho and tough they were!

they decided to strike classes and to demand an aplogy from the said professor. Guess what happened? The entire teaching staff, led from the front by the esteemed principal bowed low before the ‘leaders’ and apologised with folded hands.

The reasoning by the principal was that the irony of the teaching staff apologising to goons would not be lost on the students. Predictably it was totally lost and all of us, including yours sincerely, ended up looking abject and silly.


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