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Ooh la la – wonder la

Posted on: ನವೆಂಬರ್ 1, 2008

I finallly managed to take the kids out to Wonder La. They were so adamant that we should go, whatever the day, whatever the weather, that we consented and took them on a cold October day. It didnt seem cold when we started out, the sun was shining brightly and i used a liberal amount of sun screen on the two brats to prevent sun burn.

Wonder la, true to its name is wonderful. Very clean, neatly maintained with good hygenic food available at reasonable costs, it was a pleasure to be there. The only problem was that we had chosen a cold winter day to play in the water.

The minute I stepped into the play pool, the cold hit me and set me trembling. I tried to brave it out, but then a bucket full of water pelted on me, drenching me from head to toe and i, in turn, pelted out of the pool, as fast as  my feet could carry me. My brave two had no such qualms. Despite the biting cold, they (believe me!!!) enjoyed it. Dont ask me how, because I have no idea how kids brains work!

Srishti refused to come out of the wave pool and tried her small swimming lessons on all of us. Siri was a hit on the dance floor, gyrating to the pulsing music and dancing till she dropped. It was a day the kids will remember for more reasons than one, because I refused to go into the dungeon, frightened of its supposed scariness. The kids did that as well and then pulled me along where we had a long long laugh at the plastic skeletons which try desperately to scare us..


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